Reporting in English (rapportering på engelska)

Indonesian military accused of killing minors in West Papua

🔶 Nyheter: Three high school students on their way home to celebrate Christmas and to see their families were found shot dead in the West Papuan central highlands. Domestic human rights activists lay blame for the atrocities on Indonesian military. The killings occur in a politically sensitive moment—and send a haunting echo from a massacre of minors, in 2004.

War and Peace: Two Sides of the Nobel Peace Prize Coin

🔶 Nyheter: Abiy Ahmed, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, is underway to cast Ethiopia into civil war. It is not the first time that Nobel Peace Prize laureates leave the ceremony in the winter brisk Norwegian capital of Oslo, and instead of building peace increase violent conflicts. Other recipients were already in full swing on the battlefield at the time of their announcements.

Which Horizon Awaits Angola?

🔶 REPORTAG: In 2017, João Lourenço took office as the new President of Angola, thus ending his predecessor José Eduardo dos Santos’ 38 years as the occupant of the presidential palace in the capital of Luanda. The former Defense Minister promised reforms and a better tomorrow for all Angolans—but above all; a major overhaul of the country’s political and financial corridors, hampered by nepotism and corruption.

The West Papua conflict—key to Dag Hammarskjöld’s death?

Although then-UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld’s fatal plane crash occurred in the heart of Africa, amidst a bloody conflict in the newly independent republic of Congo—the motives behind a potential sabotage of the DC-6 aircraft, which resulted in 16 people’s death, might be found elsewhere. Where Southeast Asia ends, and Oceania begins.